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100 Ways to Die in DIE RISE - Part 2 - Black Ops 2 Zombies


Part 1: Part 3: Keep sending in any unusual & potential death clips for future episodes (link via PM)! I will review all submissions and If the submitted clip makes it to the final video the author will be linked in the description! Thanks -TRE Clips sent in to this episode: 22. "Sneaky teammate" by 23. "First room elevator ride" by 26. "Shortcut gets cut short" by 27. "Monkey slide" by 28. "Through steam" by Thanks to all who submitted a clip so far! Some of them may still end up in upcoming parts. Send also clips from other maps in case you have a REALLY good one! Second channel: Livestream: Twitter: Facebook: Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies Die Rise Revolution Map Pack Fails Montage / 100 Ways to Die / Get Treyarched by TheRelaxingEnd. Trample Steam / Sliquifier / Elevator.

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