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RIP-TASTIC PLATFORM ACTION! -- Let's Play Riptale (Pre-release Gameplay)

Waffle Bros

Woo! Riptale! A few days ago we opened up our email and saw the demo for this game sitting in our inbox. To our eyes the sweet mixture of They Bleed Pixels + Downwell = Riptale. And that's a hell of a good thing. The game isn't out yet but we put the demo to the test. Let's Play! RIP-TASTIC PLATFORM ACTION! -- Let's Play Riptale (Pre-release Gameplay) Riptale on Steam Greenlight: Riptale is a 2D side-scrolling slash-'em-up platformer roguelike with delicious 8-bit stylized graphics and a unique rune-based combat system. If you enjoyed our Riptale video you might want to check out our video on Downwell: Or if you want something a little more like the combat in Riptale check out our Yojimbrawl video: ---------- Steam Greenlight description of Riptale: Riptale is a 2D action game aiming to make sword combat be as bloody and impactful as possible. The player collects gems that allow them to execute different attacks in the order of their choosing. All this results in a symphony of combos that fill the screen with blood and guts. If Riptale was a board game it would shoot scissors at you. Instead of erratic hacking of the attack button the player must instead first aim at their target and then strike. The attacks are powered by arcane gems which make them powerful enough to bring down the ancient dragons threatening the world. Each gem takes a few moments to recharge, which means the attacks must be planned carefully lest they run out at the worst possible moment. CRAFT YOUR OWN COMBO Purchase attack gems and line them up the way you want to fight. GAMEPAD SUPPORT Unlock the true power in your attacks by utilizing the analogue stick. INTERESTING ENEMIES Encounter dragons and mystical cultists and end their reign of terror. LARGE GAME AREAS Roam through dark crypts, underground forests, and mushroom caverns. UPTEMPO SOUNDTRACK Paying homage to the classics of yesteryears and preparing you for the action. Join our Community Steam Group and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep updated on the progress. You can find the devlog and more information about us and the game on our Website[]. ---------- Riptale on Twitter: Riptale on Facebook: Riptale on IndieDB: Developer's Website: -------- Outro music: Funkn Waffles by TeknoAXE

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