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Dave Cad

A couple of you guys have asked me to do the 'Try Not To Laugh Challenge' so, here we go! Try Not To Laugh Video: Gaming Channel: T-Shirts: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Snapchat: davecad Email me: ----------- Welcome to the bottom of the description. Maybe you had a cookie last time so you thought you'd come and check to see what goodies are here for you in today's video? Well, you're in luck! But since you're here, let me tell you about my week! This week I've been at YouTube next up and it's been SO sick! You may have noticed my snazzy 'YouTube' headphones in the video which they gave us. It's all going really well, and actually this video was a bit of a test since it's quite different to what I've done on this channel before. We've been encouraged to broaden our horizons as far as making content is concerned and so, this is me doing that :) In other news (which I may or may not announce, but I'll probably just do it and see what the reaction is! 😂) I'm going to be doing 'The 12 Days Of Christmas' which is that I'll be uploading EVERY DAY leading up to Christmas day! So that is 12 days - 12 videos! Dave Cad overload! :D Anyway for your treat. Today (if you have nothing else to say) write 'doughnut' and this is all yours 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩

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