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Timo Wilderness

A short story of our trip to see the lights unusually this south in Helsinki. That hill is the highest and the best place around to witness any kind of shit that is happening in the sky. With this I'm starting a new series Welcome To Finland, the next clip is coming already on Friday! Btw, for the nerds, the timelapses are shot with 1 second shutter speed, shooting every second or every three seconds, so the video is 25-75 times faster than real-time. In the video when I said the lights are "fast", I meant the fast movement that can be seen with the naked eye but could not be captured in real-time film because of the bad low-light performance of my GH-3. These timelapses anyway give the idea of the phenomenon :) FOLLOW SHMOLLOW: SUBSCRIBE: INSTAGRAM: @timowilderness TWITTER: @timowilderness FACEBOOK: More Welcome to Finland videos: WTF#1 NORTHERN LIGHTS: WTF#2 NATIONAL PARK NUUKSIO: WTF#3 FINNISH WINTER COTTAGE: WTF#4 MIDNIGHT SUN FILM FESTIVAL @ SODANKYLÄ: WTF #5 WASTELAND FESTIVAL - JÄTTÖMAA @ KOUVOLA:

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