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AVerMedia ExtremeCap U3 issues via HDMI!


READ THIS DESCRIPTION, VERY IMPORTANT!! ESPECIALLY "UPDATE 4" UPDATE! This happens only when inputting via HDMI! No tearing and flickering when inputting via component, but that's kinda beats the purpose. Firmware/software update, please! UPDATE 2! When using HDMI input the sound is also messed up! Works perfectly fine when using component. I'm starting to think my device is faulty after all. I'll continue testing. Will report. Here I demonstrate how my PS3 footage shows on this "high speed USB 3.0 no latency preview" screen. It has latency. It feels about same when playing sports game online, like NHL 13, 14 or what ever. UPDATE 3! Sound is working now, it was my bad. Make sure to configure sound manually for HDMI to output only 2ch sound, DD 5.1 and DTS 5.1 is not supported by ExtremeCap U3. UPDATE 4! Now that I have HDMI splitter that also removes HDCP I get flawless lag free preview, now that I don't actually need it, because I play on my TV as normal when capturing. Got to wonder about that, what magic tricks this little splitter did to fix all this? Now only problems is that the device randomly freezes and RECentral crashes during capturing, which is pretty annoying. I recorded this footage with FRAPS to show exactly how it looks like. If this isn't going to be fixed by firmware or/and software updates, this was last AVerMedia product I buy and I feel I was victim of false marketing. Iconsider my self well informed when it comes to technology, but this time I just wanted 1080p and 60 fps capable capture device so I fell for marketing tricks. Should have bought Live Gamer Portable or Elgato device. Website: Twitter: G+:

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