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Shokun Kunitoki Strobe Light Kit (soldering guide)

Sami Sänpäkkilä

BUY CD: BUY LP: SPOTIFY: For those looking for the ultimate psychedelic experience, the Shogun Kunitoki: Vinonaamakasio (FR-62LP) will be available as a picture vinyl LP featuring two animation loops that can be viewed using this magical Shogun Kunitoki strobe light (FR-62SL). A true fan will buy the Shogun Kunitoki Strobe Light Kit (FR-62SLK) and build it him/herself. In this video you can see step by step instructions on how to solder the kit together. In addition to the kit you need a 9V battery which is not included in the package. Available directly from Shogun Kunitoki website and the Fonal Records shop upon the release date 11.3.2009.

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