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Pikkuli Episode 22 Sneak Peek: Pikkuli wants a Vacation


The Long-tailed Tit couple fly past the Byrds’ nest and stop by with Hawaii leis on their necks,to tell all about their lovely sun holiday. Pikkuli starts to dream about traveling south with his family. The Byrds head off with their bags to the Crane terminal. But there they find out that flights south are expensive, and that they don't have enough money. The Byrds try to forget about their holiday dreams and get back to their chores with dreary looks on their faces. Luckily, with help from Pikkuli, Mommy gets the idea to build their very own southern home kitchen! The Long-tailed Tit couple are astonished to see the happy Byrd family sing and dance in the middle of a paddling pool and eating fruit treats together in their own ‘Hawaiian kitchen’.

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Keräyksessä Pelit 2020


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