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Pikkuli Episode 15 Sneak Peek: Pikkuli in Day Care


Pikkuli is taken to daycare to Mrs. Grouse even though he doesn’t want to. Pikkuli is unable to keep up with the Chicks and doesn’t know the customs of the Grouse family. And he's homesick too. When it’s nap-time, Mrs. Grouse puts her soul into the story and suddenly Pikkuli is enchanted by the story. Mrs. Grouse strokes Pikkuli and Pikkuli falls asleep next to the Chicks. In the afternoon Pikkuli and the Chicks happily eat seeds. Pikkuli fools around, and even Mrs. Grouse is laughing! Mommy and Daddy come to pick up Pikkuli. Eventually, the day was a lot of fun!

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Keräyksessä Pelit 2020


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