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Tomorrow with Rovio - Episode 3: Brenda Romero

Rovio Entertainment

In this next episode of Tomorrow with Rovio, our podcast series exploring the future of games and entertainment, we were delighted to discuss the evolution of game design with Brenda Romero, Game Director and CEO of Romero Games! Episode 3: Game development has obviously evolved over the past 30 years with the advancement of tech and an abundance of innovative tools and platforms. Despite these clear changes - the core fundamentals of play as a human need/pastime have remained largely constant. As a highly successful and respected leader in game development, Brenda Romero offers a unique perspective on how game development has evolved, but also how many core pillars have stayed the same. How do you see game design evolving going forward? Will the way people interact with their games drastically change, and do you always see games existing in the same way we play now? Listen to Tomorrow with Rovio on your favorite podcast platform: Spotify: Apple podcasts: Google podcasts: Stitcher: Deezer: Acast: Also available on Amazon Music, iHeartRadio and more! For more information on open positions at Rovio, visit

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