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Psyon Games for Pharma Partners

Psyon Games

PsyonGames is a game company based in Finland with a deep understanding of education, game industry, life sciences and health care. PsyonGames combines science and mobile games to revolutionize digital health communication and data collection “We nurture understanding with mind-blowing experiences” Our unique positioning has brought PsyonGames wide visibility in tech, healthcare and game magazines and PsyonGames has also been featured by WHO; World Health Organization, VaccinesToday, and the Board of Vaccines by the Parliament of Finland. PsyonGames’ flagship product Antidote was selected as The Game Of The Year by Finnish Game Industry in 2018 in the Applied Games category. Preparing a study about how the Antidote game influences vaccine-related attitudes, behaviours and understanding together The Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare. PsyonGames was selected as one of the six health tech startup finalists to World’s biggest pharma marketing event EyeForPharma Barcelona on March 2020. PsyonGames have had two successful pilots with GSK Finland around gamified information of travel vaccines with excellent results. Contact Psyon Games and we will tailor you the digital solutions you seek!

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