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Pikkuli Episode 24 Sneak Peek: Pikkuli is Foolish


Pikkuli, Frog and Flying Squirrel are shooting rowan berries with cow parsley blowguns at a target board. Mrs. Hazel Grouse scolds the children about the shooting game. The threesome sneak after Mrs. Hazel Grouse to the pond, where she is washing clothes. Frog and Flying Squirrel shoot red marks into the laundry and they urge Pikkuli to shoot as well. First Pikkuli won’t do it, but eventuyally he shoots. Frog and Flying Squirrel escape the place before Mrs. Hazel Grouse returns, but Pikkuli is caught red-handed. As a punishment, Pikkuli has to wash the laundry by hand in the pond. The pile of laundry is huge and Pikkuli feels like crying. Mrs. Hazel Grouse comes to console him. Pikkuli tells Mrs. Hazel Grouse how the others were goading him to shoot... and soon all three of them are washing the laundry!

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Keräyksessä Pelit 2020


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