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Tomorrow with Rovio - Episode 11: Timmu Töke

Rovio Entertainment

Avatars have existed in video games for over 40 years. What started as the most basic form of player representation has evolved in unimaginable ways - from hyper-stylized Bitmoji and Mii characters to Fortnite’s incredibly deep library of skins. Timmu Tõke is the CEO of Wolf3D, the creator of the Ready Player Me cross-game avatar platform. An expert in all things virtual beings, Timmu joins the podcast to discuss the evolution of character customization, future use cases of avatars, and their increasing impact outside the gaming community. What are players looking for in their skins and avatars? How do you appeal to demands from different audiences? What are the potential applications of avatars across fashion and business? Join us for insights on these topics and much more. Listen to Tomorrow with Rovio on your favorite podcast platform: Spotify: Apple podcasts: Google podcasts: Stitcher: Deezer: Acast: Also available on Amazon Music, iHeartRadio and more! For more information on open positions at Rovio, visit

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