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Quick play: Playtesting Tiltagon with Steam controller


Tiltagon is coming to Steam so naturally we wanted to add support for the Steam controller. The controller arrived in the mail today and naturally we immediately wanted to test how it works. The controls are not optimal yet but we can say that yes, Tiltagon works with Steam controller :) --- Who is Kiemura? (・・?) ===== We are a small game company from Finland. We develop and release video games for mobile, PC and game consoles. More info at our website: What is Kiemura Plays, then? ( ・◇・)? ===== Kiemura Plays is our Let's Play video series. We livestream video games twice a week on Twitch at Sounds cool! When do you stream? (^▽^) ===== We livestream on Twitch every Monday and Thursday at 6pm GMT (that's 1pm EST). Our schedule is available as a handy Google calendar: ICAL: HTML: Awesome! How do I keep up with your stuff? o(〃^▽^〃)o =====

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