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Charlie Chucker Official Trailer

Nitro Games

Meet Charlie Chucker: World's swingiest gravedigger! Nitro Games, purveyors of fine, Finnish-made games like Sink 'Em All! and East India Company proudly announces its latest Windows Phone title: Charlie Chucker, a 2D physics puzzler about a gravedigger with an uncommon hobby called ragdoll golf -- a curious cross between golf and ragdoll-chucking, where the object is to swing self-made ragdolls into coffins. Sounds strange? It is. But is it fun? Absolutely! Your job is to guide Charlie on a global quest to hone his skills at the world's finest ragdoll golf courses. Along the way, you'll soak up Charlie Chucker's unique brand of black humor, revel in its funky, cartoony art style, and take pleasure in turning Charlie into the world's best (and possibly, only) ragdoll golfer! Fabulous features: - Four unique chapters, including Scottish Spring (a wee bit brisky) and Finnish Winter (Brrrr!) - 60 awesomely entertaining levels! - 14 different ragdolls: some fly, some flop, some fart and some...well, we'll get to them later! - Different weather elements, including strong winds and giant rolling snowballs. - A unique casual game for all ages and genders, Charlie Chucker is a living proof that even gravediggers can have fun. Visit and, and start chuckin´!

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