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Top 10 Custom Skins - League of Legends


► Join the Discord community: ► Hello Summoners! There are many custom skins available for the League of Legends made by the fan community and I want to show you the 10 best available custom skins in my opinion. Hope you enjoy the video and have a nice day! PS: The custom skin links can be seen below this video description. ★ Hepodix Links ★ ► Join the Discord community: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► TikTok: ► ► Twitter: ► Subscribe to YouTube!: ► HOW TO GET FREE RP / CS:GO SKINS!: ★ Music used in the video: ★ ► Kevin Macleod - Ouroboros (Final Boss Veigar Intro & Outro), Moorland, Groove Groove Suave Standpipe Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ►HOW-TO INSTALL CUSTOM SKINS (I used SkinInstallerUltimate, but there are other alternatives available): ► Top 10 Custom Skins links: 10. Batman Vladimir Skin Author: jpstr Download: 9. Cloud Strife Tryndamere Skin Author: Excise Download: 8. Super Saiyan Goku Lee Sin Skin Author: King-Nyan Download: 7. Spiderman Amumu Skin Author: Asyrus Download: 6. Sephiroth Kayle Skin Author: SizorBlade Download: 5. Link Garen Skin Author: Baecker Skins Download: 4. Sonic Rammus Skin Author: lordgreggreg Download: 3. Illidan Stormrage Renekton Skin Author: Williamz Download: 2. Pikachu Kennen Skin Author: The Nakoten Project Download: 1. Snoop Dogg Nasus Skin Author: ipawnproz4athene Download: (#leagueoflegends, #top10, #skins)

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