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Minecraft - Modern Cliffside House Design - Cinematic & Map Download


It's time to relax with good music and an amazing Minecraft modern house design. This modern cliffside house design is fully furnished and looks absolutely beautiful, both from outside and inside. It is much larger than it looks from outside. The interior is full of unique and inspirational furniture. Map made by Ackers5861, download link in description. ✔ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! ► Like the Map? Download it here: ► Map maker: Ackers5861 Shaders: SEUS v10.1 Texture pack: Flows HD This is a modern Minecraft cliffside house! It looks absolutely incredible. This cinematic house tour shows you everything that the house has to offer. I noticed some really good house design ideas too with the furniture. The desks and chairs look really good. If you want to see tutorials on how to build good Minecraft houses or mansions, you should probably check out Keralis on youtube. He does some house tutorials and showcases too. ☆ See more Minecraft videos ☆ All cinematics: Modern houses: Medieval maps: MCPE Maps & Mods: --- ♫ Song: Jeris - Mystery [JompaMusic Release] ♛ Minecraft Merch: 🎮 Gaming Products:

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