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Neighbours From Hell - 100% Walkthrough


Neighbours From Hell on PC, complete 100% rating playthrough. Fun game. Puzzles, stealth and humour. The goal is to prank a terrible neighbour repeatedly in a reality TV show and the 100% rating is attained by playing pranks back to back without letting the neighbour's anger subside in between. The game is available on, but be careful what you buy if you want to play it as the more recent release, Neighbours Back From Hell that includes remasters of both this game and the sequel is censored and missing entire levels. I personally prefer content over graphics. Start: (00:00) Tutorial: First Steps: (00:22) Onwards and Upwards: (01:10) Expert Moves: (02:40) Season 1: The First Trick: (04:14) TV Afternoon: (06:50) Birthday Surprises: (10:00) The Apple Pie: (12:59) The Old Spoilsport: (17:18) Bath Time: (20:46) Season 2: Art For Mum's Sake: (26:41) A Sunny Morning: (29:30) One Little Piggy: (33:51) Barbecue Time: (37:49) Season 3: Laundry Day: (41:36) Fitness Frenzy: (47:26) Do It Yourself: (52:47) Night Of The Hunter: (58:15) Credits: (1:05:11) If you're not going to get the game, give the money to me. I'll buy something with it.

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