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Thief 2X -03- While the City Sleeps


It's time for Zaya to go after Kedar's killers and the first step is finding out who they are and where they could be found. Kedar's shop might contain some clue, but the market square is locked up at night and guards won't take kindly to people breaking curfew. All loot, all secrets, all pockets picked, all notes read. Those thieves alerting everyone nearby can really screw you over, because the AI will continue acting as if they've seen Zaya which can cause the psychic homing AI problem to occur and the guards can end up moving around in a weird fashion. Really don't want to stick around too long after the fight is over. If that Hammerite hears the fighting, he can become a real big problem if you want to craft the key or the lever. If the thieves survive instead of the guards they'll stay in search mode forever, but they'll stick to a very specific small area in the far corner, not a big problem. Going into the sewers even for a bit seems to turn all the peaceful AI permanently hostile, based on my one experience trying it. Maybe they can smell the stink of sewer on Zaya. I don't know how easy it is to see in the video, but there's a skeleton on one of the rooftops you can see from the first secret area. Walkthrough playlist here: Get T2X here: Need Thief 2? Get it here: Or here: Get Creative ALchemy for 3d audio: The markets here are starting to be open 24/7, so if I want something from there at night I have to pay for it. Briefing: (00:00) While the City Sleeps: (02:52)

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