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Subpar Mechanic - Three-Headed Serpent (HITMAN 2 Methods)


ACHTUNG! Submarine engineer disguise blown AI bug glitch and FIX!!! There's a little problem with the submarine kill showcased in this video that I ran into and know from searching online that other people have run into it as well. What should happen is seen in the video: while disguised as the chief engineer you kill Rico with the sub and walk out avoiding the only 2-3 people who can see through the disguise, nothing too difficult. What happened to me is that when trying to leave the cave after the kill ALL of the NPCs would see through the disguise immediately, not even a detection meter or anything, just BAM! and you're spotted. The GOOD news is that after days of replaying the mission in dozens of different ways to zero in on the cause of the problem I actually did find it: I was always standing on the platform waiting for Rico before he was close enough. Yes. See, how this normally works is that if you try to get away while Rico is in the middle of inspecting the sub, everyone will get suspicious and the engineer disguise will be blown, so any area outside the platform the sub is being worked on is essentially flagged forbidden for the duration of the scene. After Rico dies in the accident (which is the only safe escape once you start the presentation) the level is supposed to return to normal to allow you to leave, but apparently if you're standing on the platform safe zone already when the outside areas become danger zone the game just gets confused and never resets them to normal. So the solution is TO NOT STAND ON THE PLATFORM TOO EARLY! The exact time to safely get on it is actually around when you see Rico coming down the stairs, but I'm going to just let him start talking from now before getting too close, if I'm ever replaying this again. I spent 6 days playing that 5-15 minute bit, I'm a little tired of it, which is also why I did not care much how the rest of the video after the kill turned out. The BAD news is that a short while after figuring out this issue I started remembering having this same problem the first time I ever did this kill months and months ago and that I actually found the fix in about an hour back then. I can't really be sure if my memory is correct in that regard and was faulty when I was looking to fix the problem for this video or if my memory is faulty now and there was nothing to actually remember in the first place. Just goes to show you that... that... you see, the thing of it is... what was I talking about again? There's no MISSION PLAN, just play it.

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