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The Youth Board Asks – How Does The Report Button Work?


In connection with this year's Stand Up To Bullying Day our Youth Board members Hannah and Youcef talked to Jess from Supercell about the system behind the chat report button. Want to know how it works? Then check out this short video! In 2017 we started a partnership with The Diana Award, a respected and trusted youth charity that’s committed to empowering thousands of young people in the UK and Ireland to tackle issues that affect other young people using a well-tested peer-led approach. This partnership aims to help young people, parents and teachers understand the impact that online communications through gaming platforms can have on themselves and others. It will empower young people to take positive reactions that can support other gamers in order to help build a more positive and confident online environment. With the help of The Diana Award we have formed a Youth Board, a group of young gamers between ages of 13 and 18 who are specialists, not just in Supercell games, but also on how to be a good digital citizen. Peer-learning from the advisory board and research will be used to help all young people, parents and teachers build a safe, positive culture that values the entertainment, inclusiveness, education, and meaningful interaction that Supercell’s games deliver.

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