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Amiibo, Super Mario series review and comparison


The first non-Smash Bros. wave of amiibos is here, the Super Mario series. I take a close look at all of them and see how they compare to their SSB counterparts. I'm going to unbox and review every amiibo that comes out, be sure to subscribe! For the best way to open the boxes while preserving them, go to 0:40! Amiibos reviewed in this video: Mario Luigi Peach Yoshi Bowser Toad Leave a comment, like or share this video, it helps me out! :) For more unboxings, gaming & collecting and new & old games, check out my channel: Follow me on Twitter:

#Super_Smash_Bros. #Nintendo #Wii_U #3DS #New_3DS #Captain_Toad:_Treasure_Tracker #Mario_Party_10 #NFC #Near_Field_Communication #wave

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