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Hello! This is tutorial for knee spin on the floor. I have teach this in my floor workshop and decided to make this video for helping those who haven´t been in my workshop. Main things: - knee straight up - if you spin left, use your right knee - if you spin right, use your left knee - lay your hand on your thigh, near the knee and let the hoop spin once and when hoop touches your back of the hand, then lift.Later you can spin as many times you like. - timing to put your hand on your thigh is when the hoop touches back of the hand. Enjoy! Music: Emocor feat. Hana Kobayashi - Oval

#hooptutorial #hulahoop #tutorial #hennamatanuska #henna #matanuska #matahoops #vannetanssi #vanneohje #vanne #tutoriaali #hulavanne #hoopdance #floortech

In harvest Suomalainen sirkus 2018

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