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Nuanc3d trailer


Nuanc3d is a performance at the crossroads of contemporary circus, media art and electronic music. Nuanc3d is a vibrant motion sensor-based show, where contemporary circus, electronic live music and visual-kinetic art forms a unique performance. The show is an outdoor performance and it is created for touring in street art festivals and other urban venues. Work group Director: Pirjo Yli-Maunula Performers: Jenni Lehtinen, Sasu Peistola, Hanna Moisala Sound designer: Tommi Koskinen Choreography: Natasha Lommi Media sofware designer: Julius Tuomisto Video designer: Hannu Hoffren Costume designer: Susanna Suurla Light designer: Nanni Vapaavuori Production: Agit-Cirk and Delicode Ltd Supporters: Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, M-Love Confestival 2014, Kanneltalo, Media center Lume, Cultural house Lumo, Race Horse company, Saana Peura Duration: approx. 30 min Recommended for all ages.

#Circus #Contemporary_cirkus #electronic_music #media_art #projections #tightwire #acrobatics #hand_to_hand #Agitcirk #Delicode #zvector

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