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Hoop Tutorial: Sliding Wet Cheese (wedgie tutorial)


This is Sliding Wet Cheese by Henna Matanuska/MataHoops Music: Ratatat I spin to left..and I slide my left foot first, and when hoops come you will roll on your back :)..if you spin right, you should do opposite way.. And if you can come to my workshop..I will show you this at live Next few months, I will be here: UK Hoop Gathering, UK Get the Ring: Hulahoop Convention Switzerland, Switzerland SWhoop, UK HOOP! The Castle, Germany And if you catch it, I would love to know :) p.s. If there is some typo..english is not my main language! xxx

#hooptutorial #matahoops #hennamatanuska #wedgie #finland #suomi #vannetanssi #vannetemppu #hulahoop #hulavanne #vanne

I insamlingen Suomalainen sirkus 2018


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