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Drum Cover "Blink-182 - Heart's All Gone" by Otto from MadCraft


Otto owning... desperate Travis fans with a drum cover of Blink-182 - Heart's All Gone. Blink-182: "Heart's All Gone" from the 2011 released album "Neighborhoods" is the copyrighted property of its owner(s). External Drums by: Otto Uotila of MadCraft. Watch the previous drum covers: Blink-182 - Please Take Me Home Blink-182 - Stockholm Syndrome All Time Low - Somewhere In Neverland Brädi - Hätähuuto Musta Barbaari - Salil eka salil vika 2Pac - Changes: Blink-182 - After Midnight: All Time Low - A Love Like War: Blink-182 - Go: MadCraft - Happy Song: Blink-182 - When I Was Young: All Time Low - Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't) All Time Low - So Long Soldier Blink-182 - Ghost On The Dancefloor All Time Low - The Reckless And The Brave: All Time Low - Break Your Little Heart: Blink-182 - Feeling This Blink-182 - Disaster Blink-182 - Aliens Exist Blink-182 - Dogs Eating Dogs Blink-182 - Wishing Well Yelawolf - Good To Go Blink-182 - First Date Blink-182 - Wendy Clear Blink-182 - Happy Holidays, You Bastard Blink-182 - Up All Night Blink-182 - The Party Song Yelawolf - Pop The Trunk Rise Against - Injection Millencolin - No Cigar Blink-182 - Dumpweed: Blink-182 - The Rock Show: MadCraft - All I Want (Is You) Like MadCraft on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Circle on Google+: For moar check out

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