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Cats Of Transnistria: Displacement


Cats Of Transnistria's recently released debut album Divine, has been warmly received, with many commenting on the album's atmosphere, beauty and dark charisma. The centre piece of the album is the 10 minute-plus trance-invoking Displacement: repetition, slow build with noisy release – Cats of Transnistria tell us that Displacement is "a song of wanting to be anywhere else than here and of the enormous joy one feels when finding a way out'" First camera: Dimitriy Zhuravlev Second Camera: Polina Sarancha Editor: Alina Sarancha Cargo Collective / Panika Derevya The origins of the Displacement video have their roots from when Cats Of Transnistria toured in St. Petersburg and Moscow this spring as a part of the Nordic Meta Fest. Their live show in Moscow was enriched by a video art performance from Panika Derevya. As a result of the show, the video collaboration came together. The video was shot in Yekaterinburg, Russia. It relates to the endlessness of displacement, as well as to the transitions within time and locations. “All spaces belong to you and to no one – rooms, houses, hotels, cities, public spaces. We keep home in ourselves and can create it anywhere we go. White bath robes can also evoke a feeling of home in hotels. Being here and now means temporary possession of something you do not own.” comments Panika Derevya. Cats Of Transnistria are very happy and thankful for how deeply Panika Derevya understood their work and how beautifully she and her team visualized the video.

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