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CORPUS CHRISTI HGT:n tervehdys Ateenan Chytirio -teatterille.

Bear Park Kulma

Γεια σας, Helsingin Gayteatteri HGT ry - Helsingfors Gayteater HGT rf is producing "Corpus Christi" by Terence McNally, the Finnish premiere is opening 19.3.2013. We wanted to make this video to show our support and express our solidarity to our Greek colleagues director Laertis Vassiliou and the theater group "Artisan" and everyone at the Chytirio theatre in Athens. The attacks by Golden Dawn -supporters and fundamentalist Christians that led to shutting down the play are an unacceptable crime against freedom of speech and artistic expression and left us with a deep concern for the actors, journalists and all of you affected by the attacks. By performing this play now in Helsinki we hope to add our voices to defend the values Europe is, and should continue to be built on: human rights, democracy, pluralism and freedom of speech. Art and love will always be stronger in the end. P.S. Of course we hope to meet you all, have a glass of wine and talk about art when we next visit Athens! With love, με αγάπη, Helsingin Gayteatteri Helsingfors Gayteater

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Keräyksessä Musiikkikeräys 2018


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