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Vermillion Dames Troupe at Burlesque Expose 2016 [5/18]

Jukka O. Kauppinen

Burlesque Expose 19.11.2016 at Tampere-talo, Tampere, Finland. Vermillion Dames is a Burlesque troupe from Tampere, Finland. The performing showgirl group coached by Miss Olivia Rouge. Vermillion Dames has been performing since early 2016. The group consists of 10 dazzling ladies, all bringing their own flavour to the bunch. The Dames are being coached by Olivia Rouge, who is a true professional when it comes to burlesque. She has been performing since 2008 and is one of the main forces of Finnish burlesque scene. Most of the Dames have performed with their solo acts since early 2015 and pretty much all of them have had burlesque as their hobby for many years already. Vermillion Dames is determined to bring glamour, laughter and also a bit of rock'n'roll to the stage for everyone's enjoyment. They have already performed in various events hosted by Tampere Burlesque ry, such as Horror & Tease Show 2016 and Burlesque Exposé 2016, but also in Teerenpeli Tease -events with both solo and group acts. In addition to this they have been witnessed on stage at Unique Art Tattoo Festival in Hämeelinna and also in multiple corporate events. As a group they are bringing variety to solo acts by filling the stage with full on female power and with in your face attitude. Vermillion Dames is the perfect addition to any event and there is definitely something for everyone in this group. Olivia Rouge is the teacher of this wonderful group of ladies and has been performing herself since 2008. She has dedicated her life to burlesque and finds it very important to bring out different aspects of this wonderful art for the audience to see and experience. Olivia also makes sure her own acts have different points of view and always brings something fresh to the stage. This is her goal also when it comes to coaching the lovely Vermillion Dames! During her years of entertainment Olivia has travelled all around the world in places like Las Vegas, New York, Hollywood, Rome and London. In addition to this she has been travelling all over Finland in the biggest clubs, festivals and corporate events. Olivia also teaches weekly burlesque classes and hosts workshops through her Olivia Rouge’s School of Burlesque. She also produces many burlesque shows in Tampere area by herself but also as the president of Tampere Burlesque Association. This fiery redhead with her naturally inherited curves sure knows how to entertain! ”Come and enjoy an entertaining evening filled with 30's & 40's glamour, fantastic tunes by a big band and breathtaking acts by internationally known gorgeus burlesque starlets. The show is filled with amazing music, acrobatic grace, humour and a hint of magical feelings too!” The performers of Burlesque Expose 2016 were: Kitten de Ville, US Vicky Butterfly, UK Natsumi Scarlett, NL The Ravishing Shangri-La Rubies Tinker Bell Turrrbocherry Olivia Rouge Lady Laverna Stella Polaire Vermillion Dames Nokia Big Band Hostess of the evening is the ever so fabulous Taabe Guggenheim-Kennedy - The most powerful lady in Finland! Suomeksi: Näe kotimaiset ja kansainväliset burleskin huiput 30-40-luvun glamourin tunnelmissa ja big bandin säestyksellä kera klassisen burleskin, akrobatian ja huumorin jossa ripauksena myös taianomaista tunnelmaa. Vietä hyväntuulinen ilta taidokkaiden burleski-taiteilijoiden ja tyylikkään viihteen parissa. More burlesque acts at:

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