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Old and broken but not dead by Miy and Rock of FIG - (B) 30 Years Megawild 5th

Jukka O. Kauppinen

A production from Byterapers, Inc. 30th Anniversary party, Megawild competition ---megawild kompo 01 - Pyroassault by Bera, Miy and T-101 02 - B by Future Sound Of Jämijärvi 03 - Kinky jengi käy kaupassa... by Mika73 04 - Demokaara Lite by Alumni 05 - Old and broken but not dead by Miy and Rock/Finnish Gold 06 - Onni on B by Moonq/Koma Byterapers is an demogroup, a piece of the wonderful virtual experience called scene or demoscene. The group was founded originally in Finland 1986, and while working both on legal and illegal sides of scene, Byterapers was to become one of the most famous groups on C-64, and started working on Amiga in 1988. Later concentrating completely on Amiga, Byterapers did a good though not magna-qualified career on the 16-bit platform, being anyway 1989-1992 one of those most visible Finnish groups. During 1995 Byterapers entered the PC platform. The 30th birthday Byterapers has always known how to party. And once again, party we shall. Party like the old men we are! With weak bladders and failing memory, we're inving all our friends over to sit, chat, have a good time, drink'n'eat'n'crack'n'copy like it's 1986! The Byterapers 30th Anniversary Celebration will be a feast for the mind, body and soul. The party will take place out there in the Finnish countryside, where we will roam free and wild. Compos Realtime - Any hardware, any size limit, byoc exotics computers. Can be intro, demo, megademo, musicdisk or whatever (even invitation) Supersound - Music in any form and for any hardware. Please submit an .mp3 recording only. Imaginatio - For graphicians and other artistic fellas. No limitations, just make it your own. Submit as a .png only. Photogasm - For the rest of us who have no skill for the other compos. Photoshop the living shit out of it. Submit as .png only. Megawild - Anything home made in video format, go wild! Submit in video file (mkv, mp4, avi). This can also be a live action production. Live entries will be showed at the last. Jammin' Performers 64MULA Commodore 64 sound+turntables with other instruments. Formed on 1999 by Barracuda and Loudus Plexus. 64Mula uses on commodore 64 TBB (Tero Hilpinen) editor as heart and engine on their sound amok run. 64Mula likes to make liveshows/gigs and people are waiting always for the next one. BYPRODUCT Byproduct is a one-man musical act that takes its roots from computer games and demos and combines them with the elements of contemporary electronic music, creating an easily recognisable sound unique to Byproduct alone. Byproduct started out in 2004, and has since produced three albums, composed music for various projects and games, and performed live in many electronic music and demoscene events, including Finland's largest demoparties. ROZ Jarkko Rotsten is a man of many styles. During the 20 active years of composing electronic music as Roz he's covered most genres out there. Without sinking too deep in the swamp of sub-genres deepish, groovy techno and house are his true love. His laptop-free hardware setup consisting of proper hardware synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines. DJ JANGLER Jangler is known as a versatile DJ in terms of selection, ranging from drum'n'bass, through techno and house all the way to chart pop. He has experience from illegal underground raves to mainstream club nights, pool parties, corporate events and major open air stages. EVEANGEL Finland born feisty female DJ who enjoys playing with various genres, mostly chiptune, psytrance, electro house, soundtracks and kinds of weird stuff. Sponsors Byterapers 30 years anniversary party is sponsored by Combo Breaker Oy / Sociable Soccer Assembly Organizing Oy Capnova Ltd Oldskool ry Skrolli Magazine Boozembly Disorganizing

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