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Maria Gasolina - Haloo haloo marsilainen


The animation and short film "Haloo haloo marsilainen" by cinematographer Anna Cadia is a beautiful and political story about intergalactical friendship that can save the world. This old school animation was shot on super 8 mm film. The movie is also a music video to a song by the band Maria Gasolina. The song "Alô alô marciano" was written by Rita Lee and Roberto de Carvalho and it became a classic when sung by the brazilian legend Elis Regina in 1980. The Finnish version was recorded in 2008 by Maria Gasolina. The song was very up to date political at the time, and suprisingly much still today. Even though the situation on earth seems already rather worrying, the careless high society just keeps on mingling around in its fancy cocktail parties. Finally all the radios, receivers and all sorts of speakers of our planet decide to try to call for help on their own. A friendly alien with a mustache receives the message on an other galaxy. It would like to help, but finally only the people can help their selves...

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Keräyksessä Musiikkikeräys 2018


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