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Student Confronts Condoleezza Rice at Stanford University International Law for War Crimes


Mirrored from: LedaOhio5 Snake Condoleezza Rice Called out.. She can GO TO HELL THANKS TO: Uploaded by women4truth on Dec 23, 2011 ~sub: ~credits video: [codepinkaction quote]: Hello, I am the woman in this YouTube, seen protesting Rice from the audience. That day there was a whole group of us together: World Can't Wait, Stanford Says No To War, Code Pink. I am with World Can't Wait. The war criminals want a safe return to legitimacy, only public protest and rejection disrupts that. All of us were demanding to speak the truth about Rice as a war criminal (and the torture program was only one facet of her crimes). It is heartening to read so many comments of support, and if you'd like to talk more, please write me at or check out I also want to comment back about some of the comments: ~first: Rice should be protested because of her war crimes and crimes against humanity --NOT for being a woman, or African-American. To writers of comments using ugly, racist and/or woman hating names against Rice -- and also to everyone else reading them: I ask you to think: Isn't hatred against Black people and women exactly the type of thinking that actually supports, and feeds, the existing power system -- which creates the wars for empire, and imperialist war criminals, that we oppose? ~second: World Can't Wait's mission is to build and strengthen mass political resistance and opposition by people living in the U.S. to the crimes of our own government. In politically confronting war criminals, World Can't Wait believes in, and acts on, the power of doing this through speech, only. Speech -- yelled aloud in the streets, or whispered behind the barricades of corporate media/state censorship. Speech -- published in a newspaper, or leaked by a courageous whistleblower (think: Wikileaks). Speech in public, revealing the horrific abuse in the actual torture chamber prisons (think: Guantanamo, Bagram) even though the government wants no one to hear. Speech people can hear, through a campus debate, or a mighty march of thousands. We need many more people -- especially here in the U.S., the perpetrator of great crimes against the world today -- to speak up and speak out. Now. So: watch our groups, and our channels, for more about resistance and mobilization of the people against war, torture ... and if a War Criminal comes to YOUR town and is met by protest, let us know! (Nuked) (Nuked) (2 Strikes) (2 Strikes) (Now Active Account) (Working Backup)

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