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Beat to the Balance

Pixel ache

'Beat to the Balance' involves having a sauna (usually build on spot with found materials) and tree healing; a tradition of using whisks – branch bundle of different tree species. It is a treatment that combines the psychosomatic experience of sauna, tree healing, plant mythology and aromatherapeutic effects of different plants used in whisking. If the cause of the problems of human-kind are the loss of heritage and empathy – sauna is the place to reconnect as it's for purification, silence and has a ritualistic nature. The whisking creates a overall conscious, even fierce touch. It enables the holistic power of different tree species, re-connection to the communicating systems of the forests and opens the locks of trauma we carry due to the humans' exploitation of the Earth. 'Beat to the Balance' is a project by Mari Keski-Korsu. She has invited Maaria Alén and Bradley Blalock to whisk in Pixelache Festival 2016. Maaria is a traditional sauna healer, cupper and whisker. Bradley is a somatic arts massage therapist with education in several advanced integrative bodywork modalities.

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Keräyksessä Mediataiteen verkkosivuja 2016


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