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Soul Catcher (Sielunsieppaaja) trailer


A short film by PV LEHTINEN (2011) "They say with every photo that is taken, a piece of your soul goes with it." A film about a man who has lost his soul. Many aboriginal tribes have believed that if someone takes a photograph of them they lose their soul. Without a soul, the person was doomed and could no longer be reborn. Soul Catcher is a visually impressive journey into the core of humanity. Without any words, it tells a story in several layers and leaves the viewer reflecting on our invisible essence, the beliefs around it and humanity in general. director: PV Lehtinen cinematography: Matti Helariutta, Hannu-Pekka Vitikainen music: Biosphere, Tapani Rinne & Tuomas Norvio sound: Micke Nyström produced by CineParadiso Oy

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