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RIMMA a documentary directed by Egle Oddo and Jari Järvi Idea and research by Elvira Nuri ------------------------------------------------------------------ Rimma is a young woman who suffers of cerebral palsy since the age of two. She lives a quiet life in Tatarstan, where she is devoted to her painting. While being inside the safe nest of her family who helps and supports her, she develops her own theory of colours, and she writes a series of poems about how colours influence her perception. After finishing high school, she decides to leave her family and live an independent life. Talent and ambition bring her to go to study art in Moscow city, living by herself and pursuing her art career. She becomes an acclaimed artist, until her path is shaken by a series of dramatic events. Her life changes radically when she discovers to be pregnant and the father of her baby dies mysteriously. She has to face important choices.

#Egle_Oddo #Contemporary_Art #Film

Keräyksessä Äänitaide 2016


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