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Aircraft Blast


Aircraft Blast (The tragedy of the criticism of flying, part 3) 2006 videoteos / video work kesto / duration: 1:22 käsikirjoitus, kuvaus, leikkaus / script, camera, editing: Marko Lampisuo äänisuunnittelu / sound design: Taito Kantomaa animaatiosuunnittelu / animation design: Rani Salminen tukijat / supporters: Taiteen keskustoimikunta, Satakunnan taidetoimikunta tuottaja / producer: Tuuli Penttinen-Lampisuo Aircraft Blast is a tragedy of the criticism of flying. A small-scale catastrophe movie about a dramatic aircraft incident at the airport of Skiathos in Greece. In the video a passenger plane turns its tail towards the cameraman, who gets totally surprised by the power and heat of the aircraft blast.

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