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Skyrim Roleplay - Part 26 (S2) - Dangerous Steps


Ulik leaves Ivarstead and starts his journey up to High Hrothgar. The steps are steep and dangerous, and the bone-chilling wind isn't making Ulik's climb any easier. Let's play Skyrim (Modded). Watch this episode and more via the 'Skyrim Roleplay Series 2' playlist: - In this slow-paced roleplay, I play as Ulik Enakis, a Dunmer miner, who's life takes a drastic turn in the cold, harsh land of Skyrim. Click 'Like' if you like this video. Helps me make more! And tell me what you think in the comments below. ===== Let's Play Skyrim (Modded) [Roleplay] w/ Zemalf [HD] [1080p] Slow-paced, "serious" roleplay with Ulik Enakis, a Dunmer miner. Ulik will not be limited to any specific "class" or a set of skills as the game goes on, but combat will lean towards sneaky, stealthy style (Archer / Nightblade / Assassin / Thief) where applicable. This let's play is *not* DiD (Dead is Dead) and will go through the Main Quest (MQ) and the Dragonborn DLC. Elements of the Dawnguard and Hearthfire DLCs might be featured, but they're not the focus of this series. The commentary of this series is a mix of in-character (playing a role) and "normal" commentary. Difficulty: Expert (Difficulty customized to "challenging and fun" via mods, changed if needed) SKYRIM ROLEPLAY SERIES 2, INTRODUCTION: CHARACTER, ULIK ENAKIS: PLAYLIST: MODS: ===== SKYRIM ROLEPLAY SERIES 1, Pure Mage: BOOKS OF SKYRIM (Reading): ===== Want to support me? Check out how: ===== Gameplay and commentary by Zemalf "Occasionally thoughtful, slow-paced let's play videos" CHANNEL: BLOG: FAQ: LIVESTREAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: FORUM: GOOGLE+: ===== The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is published and designed by Bethesda Softworks. It's available on PS3, Xbox 360, & PC 2011. ===== If you enjoyed this video and would like to see more then please subscribe! Visit my channel for more videos: Subscribe to get notified about my new episodes:

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