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TheRelaxingEnd & High Round Glitchers (No Man's Land)


Just to let you guys know: I've challenged a lot of high round glitchers to 1v1 zombies in the past (before reaching 50 subs). All of them refused. So yesterday we just went again to innocently find a normal random game with s1lencee. This could actually be the first time I've trained with someone who got to round 99 on co-op. I definitely want to find more of these leaderboard champions to play with with! Call of Duty Black Ops zombies how to troll annoy people players. Round 99 Moon.

#black_ops #zombies #how_to_annoy_people #epic #trolling #no_man's_land #moon #messing_with_randoms #therelaxingend #fun #game #round_99 #leaderboards #kids

Keräyksessä Pelit 2015


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