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Call of the Dead Round 70 World Record - V-R11 Strategy - Black Ops Zombies


Black Ops Zombies Round / Level 100 World Record: Team: TheRelaxingEnd & ChristianR87. Our 4th and final world record for this zombie map (previously Rounds 48, 51 and 63). We decided to do suicides again - like we did on the previous records also. Connection was getting unstable and we died a lot because of it. We also got bored. This is the first video to fully introduce our V-R11 strategy to the masses. Almost everyone who eventually beat us used the same strategy shown here. Enjoy the strategy and make it far with it! Thanks for watching, I hope you find this strategy useful. We've been using it since we got to round 51 which was 7th of May. The two main weapons in this strategy are V-R11 Lazarus and Awful Lawton. V-R11 to kill the endless hordes of the undead and upgraded Crossbow to make it through the lag periods of a long game. FAQ Question:Did you mod or glitch to get this high? Answer: No, we used a legit running strategy - and same goes for all of the other zombie maps. Q: Why does George still speak somewhere eventhough you got rid of him with the V-R11? A: I'd like to know the answer too. At the time when the map came out the sound was often glitched out and George sometimes got randomly stuck in obstacles. Q: How long did it take? A: Something between 18 and 19 hours. With lot of breaks naturally. Q: How do you take breaks during a long game? A: Leave a crawler at the end of the round and take turns keeping an eye on it. Q: Can you play Call of the Dead with me? A: This was my (probably also my partners) last try of CotD. Q: Why did you suicide? You could've gone a lot further. A: Maybe so but Round 70 was the target. We also had a time limit. Q: How did you not got disconnected? A: We usually do - luckily not this time. Q: Will you accept my friendrequest? A: On youtube, most likely yes. On xbox live, no random friend requests accepted. Co-op 2 Players: RelaxingEnd (FIN) ChristianR87 (DEN) Search words (ignore): high round 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 call dead george romero v-r11 ensemble cast ak74u lighthouse strategy world record tactic therelaxingend survival mode wave 100 150

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