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Dwarf Fortress Tutorial - Part 5 - First Things First for a New Fortress [DF2012]


Zemalf's Dwarf Fortress Tutorial, Part 5: First Things First for a New Fortress (DF/tutorial). In this video, you'll learn what things to do first right after embark and how to use an external utility program called Dwarf Therapist to manage your dwarves. We'll design the initial fortress by designating areas to be mined out, we'll make the woodcutter chop down some trees, setup initial stockpiles and start moving dwarves, animals and items inside to safety. Click 'Like' and 'Add to... Favorites' if you like this video. Helps me make more! And tell me what you think in the comments below. - - - - This Dwarf Fortress Tutorial 2012 video will show you: What to do right after embark How to get an overview of the area How to use Dwarf Therapist to assign labors How to design the early fortress How to chop down trees How to dig and mine How to set up stockpiles How to set new zones How to setup a meeting area How to set up pastures for animals How to assign animals to the pastures ...and more We're just getting started :) - - - - Beginner's Guide to Dwarf Fortress [DF2012] by TheZemalf. Step-by-step tutorial series on how to get started in the Fortress Mode, how to build your first fortress and how to help your dwarves survive. This tutorial series follows along as I build an example fortress, showing what to do and how to do it. The series is meant for new Dwarf Fortress players, but I hope it'll be useful for all DF players, new and experienced alike. PLAYLIST (all videos in this tutorial series): DOWNLOAD the tutorial fortress (right after embark, start of part 4) - - - - LINKS AND REFERENCES Game version: 0.34.11 (DF2012) Graphics package: Phoebus' Graphic Set 0.34.11v00 See the Part 1 of this tutorial series for the Download and Installation Guide: DWARF FORTRESS - free & awesome splintermind-attributes is a Dwarf Therapist clone that displays the exact numeric attributes of the dwarves. DF2012:Quickstart guide (Dwarf Fortress Wiki) DF2012:Dwarf fortress mode (reference, e.g. controls) - - - - Gameplay and commentary by Zemalf "Occasionally thoughtful, slow-paced let's play videos" CHANNEL: WEB: LIVESTREAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: - - - - FOR MORE DWARF FORTRESS VIDEOS, GO TO:

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