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2 RAY GUNS at the Same Time! - Black Ops 2 Zombies Tutorial - How to Get Two in BO2


Triple Ray Guns: Dual Wield Ray Gun: By taking advantage of the Die Rise's Who's Who perk you can finally get 2 Ray Guns at the same time in BO2 Zombies - even for FREE! Pack-a-punching step can be also done free with Who's Who and as we all know the perk itself can be acquired without cost if lucky. Get cashback for all purchases done that way when returning back to life (getting revived). Correction to the video: giving away your second weapon isn't necessary before taking the second Ray Gun! Special round = the jumpy crawlers. Livestream: Second channel: Twitter: Facebook: Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies How to Get 2 Ray Guns at the Same Time in Die Rise with Who's Who perk. Two Ray Guns Guide. 2 Ray Guns Tutorial Black Ops 2 Zombies. Dual Ray Guns. Ray Gun Glitch. 2 Ray Guns Glitch. Two Ray Gun Glitch. Dual Wield Ray Gun. Double Ray Guns.

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