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Timo Wilderness

Here's the most stupid shout out video of all times. We thought that we've been talking too little about who we're following on international (ahem, british-american) yt scene. We mix three different challenges and demolish our already-mediocre english skills with DE-ARTICULATOR app. It's hidious. But maybe, maybe, this will leave you with some new interesting youtubers to scout. And a quick disclaimer, we know that these creators are so big that they don't really need shouting out. But we had to pick those that the other had even a chance to recognize. I promise to do something as a counter act. Like THE BEST SHOUT OUT VIDEO EVER for smaller youtubers or something like that. :) A VIDEO ON MIISA'S CHANNEL (in finnish, sorry): KÄY KATTOON MIISAN VIDEO: Youtubers: JACKSGAP: JOE WELLER: KICK THE PJ: TROYE SIVAN: CASEY NEISTAT: WILL DARBYSHIRE: LACI GREEN: ZOELLA: DE-ARTICULATOR APP iOS: Android:

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