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BATMAN DONATES BLOOD - Video response to Charlieissocoollike

Timo Wilderness

Even though a part of me would like blood donating to be an epic adventure through mind-breaking dangers, in reality donating blood is painless and effortless. So no hallucinations, no throwing up, definitely no need to wear a home made batman costume. Even though this was actually filmed a loooong ago I consider this as a video response to Charlieissocoollike. If you want to know how blood donation happens in real life, go check out Charlie McDonnel’s video that he just made by clicking here: GIVING BLOOD: Frequent blood donors are needed all around the world so go donate, and make that a habit. Find your nearest blood donating place by following this link, it’s an excellent service called GOOGLE: For finnish folk: FOLLOW SHMOLLOW: SUBSCRIBE: INSTAGRAM: @timowilderness TWITTER: @timowilderness FACEBOOK:

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