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Relaxing Whiskey Blues Music | Best of Slow Blues/Rock Ballads Songs | JAZZ & BLUES


mixtape 🥃🎸Music is also used for what you say, not just for entertainment, but also for accompanying us while we perform other missions. My passion is writing, and my habit of listening to blues while doing it produces amazing results because of the simple fact that it motivates and ignites the imagination. This playlist features great songs and performers. Tracklist : [00:00:00] - Blues Delight - Slightly Hung Over [00:04:42] - Albert Cummings - Lonely Bed [00:12:04] - Gene Deer — Midnight Healing [00:19:44] - Mizz Percy - Lights Are On But Nobody's Home [00:28:04] - Sam Myers - ''I've Got The Blues' [00:34:15] - JT Coldfire - She's Crazy [00:39:38] - Chris Bell - Elevator To Heaven [00:48:47] - Rory Gallagher - What In The World [00:58:09] - Hard Bargain - Just Got Back From Baby's [01:05:03] - The Buddy Whittington Band - Help Me Through The Day [01:13:33] - Main Street Blues - Tin Pan Alley [01:20:21] - Mike Griffin - The Blues Ain't Never Gonna Die [01:32:00] - Chris Hicks - Blues Got Me Down [01:38:39] - Claudia Bettinaglio - Invitation To The Blues [01:44:29] - Daniel Castro - I'll Play The Blues For You [01:52:11] - Matt O'Ree - Something to Say [02:00:34] - Blue Stew - Bringing Home The Blues [02:06:41] - D Man - Ain't Enough Whiskey [02:15:17] - John Littlejohn - Sweet Little Angel [02:22:53] - Johnnie Lovesin Sleepless [02:29:41] - Blues Gypsys - Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive [02:41:55] - Blues Delight - If I Had Money [02:48:46] - Buster Benton - Money Is The Name of The Game [02:54:54] - Chloé - Your Heart Is As Black As Night [02:57:46] - Corey Stevens - Blues Are Here To Stay [03:03:59] - Kevin Selfe - Devil's Come Early To Collect His Due #bluesmusic #slowblues #whiskeyblues JAZZ & BLUES is a trademark of YouTube channel that contains unlicensed / copyrighted music and videos that bring the power of music through an impressive audio visual experience for you to enjoy your music in the most relaxing way . This channel is not only for entertainment purposes but also to motivate, encourage and help you find your peace through music to relax while brooding with your passion. © All rights belong to their respective owners ✔ This video is completely made by fans, our channel is created to promote and support artists. If you(owner) have any problem with copyright issues, or question please do not report me, take your time to contact us via mail, and we will response within 48h: *Please contact us if you want to introduce your music to the audience ✔ We are looking forward to the cooperation with talented artists. Submit your music here: ✔ Click on the bell🔔to keep up with all the news! ------------ ★★ ★★ ------------- ✔Thanks for watching! Have a nice day! ✔Don't forget LIKE - SHARE - COMMENT Relax and enjoy a few drinks while listening to this music. 🥃🎸

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