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Ulvila–Kristinestad major project


Western Finland’s grid is being renewed stage by stage. The 400-kV transmission line from Ulvila to Kristinestad, completed in 2014, is part of this project. The work included almost 120 kilometres of transmission line; the refurbishment of Ulvila’s substation, and the brand new Kristinestad substation. Fingrid Oyj takes care of the functioning of the nation-wide high-voltage grid, the backbone of electricity transmission. We transmit electricity continuously from electricity generating companies to distribution network companies and industrial companies. We take care of the cross-border connections and promote the functioning of the electricity market. Fingrid makes sure that Finland obtains electricity without disturbances. Find out more about Fingrid: Fingrid in Facebook: Fingrid in Twitter: Fingrid in LinkedIn: Fingrid in Instagram: Video production: DecoMedia Oy

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Keräyksessä Energiakriisi 2022-2023


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