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Smart Greenhouse Temperature Sensor - Monitoring Your Greenhouse


Dreaming of a blooming greenhouse 🌿? A modern, flourishing greenhouse is a combination of tradition and smart tech. And don’t get scared - smart tech doesn’t have to mean expensive technology! RuuviTag is a Bluetooth® sensor that sends temperature, relative air humidity, air pressure and motion information directly to your mobile phone. You can buy your own at a reasonable price at, fast deliveries worldwide! Both experienced green thumbs and fresh gardeners can benefit from the help of new technology in maintaining controlled temperature and humidity in their greenhouses. Those are the two most important elements of any functional greenhouse. Why? Read on our blog post! With Ruuvi sensors, you can wirelessly monitor temperature, air humidity, air pressure and motion at home and hobbies 💧💨☀️ Data is transferred to nearby mobile phones. Our free and easy to use mobile app is available on Android and iOS 📲 World-wide shipping: Measure your world with us! ✅ MEASUREMENTS Easily measure temperature, relative air humidity, air pressure and movement. ✅ ALERTS Set alerts and get notified if limits are exceeded: too cold, too hot, too humid... ✅ HISTORY GRAPHS Analyse environmental data in real time, or explore history graphs. ✅ PROFESSIONAL FEATURES Everything is open source! Integrate with 3rd party services or build your own. Visit to learn more about all the use possibilities. Ruuvi can really ease your everyday life!

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