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mRNA technology, Biohacking, Patents - Ariyana Love #91

Mikko Kemppe

🎤 Dr. Ariyana Love is a naturopathic doctor and a journalist. In this episode we start with some questions that was raised about her from the previous episode. Is Dr. Love really a doctor from Finland and why does she live in Finland? Is there a planned agenda that is being currently rolled out in the world? Why she thinks biohacking is ultimately leading to destruction of humanity? What has she found when studying the patents of many pharmaceutical companies? Are we on the road to Transhumanism? What she thinks you should immediately do? DIRECT LINK TO THE EPISODE: ❗️ Please Note: Do watch this episode at your own risk. I am not a medical doctor. Always consult your own personal doctor or official authorities before making any decisions about your health. These episode like all of the Kemppe Podcast episodes are meant as information only and doesn’t take any responsibility on the accuracy of the information presented. The Kemppe podcast believes in freedom of speech and expression, scientific debate and the idea that even challenging topics should be able to be discussed openly, honestly, and transparently. Please research each idea further and always take responsibility of any choices you may take. This episode is not meant in any kind of health or other life advice and is presented as information only. 📲 Liity podcastin Tik Tok kanavalle 👉 💎 Tule mukaan Telegram keskusteluihin 👉 🔥 Seuraa Instagramissa 👉

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