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Dance for Ice challenge for pole dancers

Greenpeace Suomi Let's dance on a pole for the North Pole! Greenpeace needs your help in saving the Arctic. Warming climate is melting the Arctic, which is opening up the area for devastating oil drilling and commercial fishing. It is threatening vulnerable wildlife, and burning more oil would warm our planet even more. Together we can encourage United Nations to declare a sanctuary in the North Pole. Dance for ice to support declaring a sanctuary in the North Pole! ARE YOU ONE OF THE EXPERIENCED POLE DANCERS? COMPETE WITH THE BEST! Do you know how to work the pole? Make a video of dancing for the Arctic. You may dance alone, with a partner, in a group, as you wish! Choreograph or freestyle a new routine for the Arctic and use the theme song provided for you. The dancer(s) who get the most signatures for saving the Arctic on their video page will win an awesome prize - to star in a mind-blowing pole dance video directed by a known director! Join the movement at See full instructions

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Keräyksessä Ilmastonmuutos 2019-2020


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