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The Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak! Any% 14:49.34 WR


First sub 14:50 time in the world! I'm very happy to beat the old time by 1,3 seconds but there sure is room for improvement. Not sure if I'm motivated enough to trying to beat my own time. I guess I'm just waiting for Prince_Leaf to beat this time and then continue with the grind. Once again, I want to thank Prince_leaf for this long rivarly, it's been fun! This isn't the last chapter for Flintstones 2. I'm sure the time will get better. We can push the time closer to 14:45 for sure. Some notes: I've been many times like 4 seconds ahead of WR when entering Volcano stages so the WR can me improved ALOT. Clean run + perfect rng can get you mind-blowing time. Also getting double boulders from Caveman can save you over 3 seconds! Mikäli pidät kanavamme meiningistä, painahhan tilaa nappulaa ja jätä tykkäys! =) Torpen Youtube kanava: Joonan Youtube kanava: TorviDuo Twitterissä: TorviDuo Instagramissa: TorviDuo Artwork by Sami Koivisto:

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