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Tomorrow with Rovio - Episode 10: Aleissia Laidacker

Rovio Entertainment

When will VR break into the mainstream? What is the killer app? What’s the difference between Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality? Is the industry really just “waiting to see what Apple does” or is the AR leader already right in front of our faces? While Extended Reality (“XR”) hasn’t yet taken over the world, completely displacing traditional screens, there are many who feel the transition is inevitable and that the winds of change are already blowing. Alessia Laidacker has spent the last 5 years in leadership positions in this cutting edge space and this experience, combined with 2 decades in tech and game development, give her some fascinating insight into the future of this exciting trend in entertainment. Does this experience lead Alessia to think an explosion of XR projects is right around the corner? Tune in to find out. Listen to Tomorrow with Rovio on your favorite podcast platform: Spotify: Apple podcasts: Google podcasts: Stitcher: Deezer: Acast: Also available on Amazon Music, iHeartRadio and more! For more information on open positions at Rovio, visit #Rovio #TomorrowWithRovio #Podcast

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