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Cabals: The Card Game - Official Trailer

Kyy Games

100% FREE DOWNLOADS: iTunes - Play Store - ******* - online collectible card game (CCG), for iOS, Android and browsers. Free to get, easy to approach, exciting to play, and challenging to master -- Cabals: The Card Game is the game to play! In Cabals: The Card Game the goal is to win either by storming the opponent's Stronghold or by dominating the game board. Each player is armed with a unique deck of cards which they have constructed, filled with units and actions and represented by a hero. Choose Your Own Game Load your zeppelins with troops and go straight at the opponent or build your might through witches, sidhe and other creatures springing forth from folk tales -- Cabals: The Card Game allows you to pursue your own path towards victory. Two sides, four cabals and different victory conditions ensure that Cabals: The Card Game offers a lot to explore right from the start and the regular updates help keep it that way. The game is free to download and play. Like Cabals: The Card Game on Facebook to get access to all the latest news, and exclusive art previews. For news, updates and tidbits, follow the official Cabals: The Card Game on Twitter.!/cabalsgame Trailer is voiced by Special thanks to Christopher Marshall for this excellent service!

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